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The following research is focused on the the Bell, Armstrong and Foxton families to which I am related. The Bells and Armstrongs originated from Scotland, and the Foxtons from England.  Their families in Scotland and England, their related families,  and their movements to Australia principally, but also to America, are documented here, from the early 1700's to the present day.


This work  pivots round the family connections of my grandmother, Anne Foxton. Her father was a Bell, her mother an Armstrong, and her husband a Foxton.


The threads of connection that tie our lives together are intricately woven. Therefore, many other families including the Calvert, Stewart, Carstairs, Leslie, Russell, Fox and Panton families, have proven interesting areas of study. The Carstairs and Leslie families now date back to the early 1600's.


My recent trips to Papua New Guinea introduced me to a new extended family - the Karukuru family.


This research is ongoing - both into the families and into the periods of history in which they lived. Please contact me regarding any additions, omissions or queries.


Stephanie Kihlstrom                                                                  [last updated 4 April 2015]

Bell Family Reunion
Maitland 30 June 2012.
Annie Bell Descendants Helen Bell Descendants John and Lewis Bell Descendants Violet and Margaretta Bell Descendants All in together